Sea  Walker  Bali  Nusa  Dua  Designed  for Every Single Person which like to Enjoy the Underwater Coral Viewing and Fish. Non Swimmers or Basic Swimmers Also Have the Chance do this Activities which mean Everyone have The Opportunity to See and Enjoy what is under Water World ! The Water Temperature that we have in Nusa dua is Between 26 – 28° Celsius which is Very Warm and it will give us a Very Comfortable Situation Below Water Surface and Of course there will be no Shark or Croc or Any of the Danger Animal that will Attack Human Underwater , Guarantee Safe !

Our Operational Sea Walker Nusa Dua is about 5 Minutes away by Boat from the Beach and it Located at Safest Area and it’s Very Far from The Crowded area of Motorised Water Sports .

The Helmet as The Main Equipment that we using is Special Request Helmet which No Other Operator at Another Location   Using a Same Helmet as what we use Here. Very Safe and Comfort and The Special Design will Look After of the Person away from the Danger Situation if somehow Happened ( Our Secret Build Technique )

The Helmet will connect by the Oxygen Hose to the Pontoon ( Sea Walker Platform as Oxygen Supplier ) so we can Breath under water easily by Nose and Mouth as well and also Our Special instructor will Keep Assist during the Activities !


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  • Activities Location : Nusa Dua Beach Area
  • Facility Provided : Toilet , Shower , Free Lockers ,  Insurance


Rate : 50 USD / Person
Minimum Age : 12 Years Old Depending Shoulder Width and The Body Size
Duration : Up To 15 Minutes Under Water
Dive Location : Nusa dua Area Maximum Depth : Up To 7 Meters Minimum Participant : 2 Person